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About Grace Advisory Group

At Grace Advisory Group, our team of legal, tax, accounting and insurance professionals specialize in building retirement income plans that emphasize protection from losses due to market fluctuations, while offering the benefits of tax deferral and providing a steady income stream that our clients cannot outlive.

Today, Grace Advisory Group serves over 4,000 clients throughout Southwest Florida and the Orlando area.

Our goal is to establish client relationships that are built upon trust. We know that our clients have worked very hard for their retirement savings and want peace of mind regarding their assets.

Using ‘plain English’, we discuss how taxes, probate and nursing home expenses may affect those assets. In serving our clients, we recommend the course of action we would apply to ourselves in the same situation. We then work together to implement a well-thought-out plan that will allow our clients to retire with confidence.

Company President Robert E. Grace, JD, CLU, ChFC, CFEd®, RFC® is a Master Elite IRA Advisor®.

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Why Choose Grace Advisory Group?

Our Experience

jigsaw With years of experience giving successful financial advice, we do our best to maintain our reputation in Florida and surrounding areas.

Our Financial Products

All of our financial advisors have access to a number of different investment and insurance companies, each supplying unique financial products. This gives our advisors flexibility to provide customized financial products. We understand that every client is different; so why should their portfolios look the same?

Reliable Advice

The financial advisors at Grace Advisory Group prefer long-term growth over short-term, volatile investments. Our mission is assisting you in determining a strategy appropriate for your specific financial situation. We employ a “teamwork” concept as our staff of financial advisors, legal, tax, accounting and insurance professionals collaborate to combine their knowledge, specialized skills and experience, offering the ideal outcome for our clients.

• Financial Planning – Each of our advisors must undergo extensive and continual education that well exceeds the professional standard requirements, to present the most current thinking in personal income and retirement planning.

• Tax Planning – Our company’s specialty is tax reducing methods. Our customers get more income and owe fewer taxes by utilizing our tax planning advisors, who have over 100 years of combined experience.

Please visit our Services page to learn more about our retirement income planning strategies.

Our team of legal, tax, investment, accounting and insurance experts work together to custom design your retirement income plan