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Looking for life insurance? Grace Advisory Group can help!

In order to choose the best insurance and benefit options for you, we’ll first examine your individual situation, goals and circumstances.

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What is Life Insurance?

A life insurance policy creates an agreement between a customer and an insurance agency. The customer pays a specified amount, or “premium,” at regular intervals, and the company pays a lump sum to the designated beneficiary once the term of insurance is over, which is usually at the policy owner’s time of death.

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What is the Difference Between Universal and Term Life Insurance? What are Their Pros and Cons?

With term life insurance, the policy owner pays for a specific amount of time and the benefits lasts for a set period.

Whole or universal life insurance is permanent, meaning it is guaranteed for the entire duration of the owner’s life. If correctly set up, universal or whole life insurance plans provide quick access to funds, while providing tax-advantaged growth of wealth.

It is important to note that policy loans and withdrawals will reduce available cash values and death benefits and may cause the policy to lapse, or affect guarantees against lapse. Additional premium payments may be required to keep the policy in force. In the event of a lapse, outstanding policy loans in excess of unrecovered cost basis will be subject to ordinary income tax. Tax laws are subject to change and you should consult a tax professional.

Both varieties of life insurance have benefits. Talk to our licensed life insurance professionals to learn more.

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How Does Life Insurance Compare to Other Retirement Planning Options?

The pluses and minuses of to every option will be unique to you, depending on your financial situation. An experienced financial professional can help you evaluate which products may benefit you.

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Why Should You Purchase Universal Life Insurance?

  • To cover funeral costs: Funerals can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Why place that burden on your family?
  • To replace income of deceased spouse or parent
  • To help cover expenses: Life insurance can help cover cost of living expenses, such as school fees, groceries and bill payments for your beneficiaries.
  • To help pay off debts: Your family can use life insurance payout to cover any outstanding debts, such as mortgages.
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Advanced Uses of Life Insurance

  • Fill In Estate Tax Hole
  • Provide Legacy to Kids
  • Supplement Retirement
  • To Reward & Attract Key People to a Business
  • To Cover Business Partnership Gaps

There are several other reasons why it may make sense for you to purchase life insurance. Talk to a Grace Advisory life insurance professional to learn more about your options.

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Looking for life insurance? Grace Advisory Group can help!

Talk to one of our knowledgeable financial advisors.

In order to choose the best insurance and benefit options for you, we’ll first examine your individual situation, goals and circumstances.

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