The Changing Story of Retirement

History has a way of repeating itself…

If you look at stories throughout history, they often share the same themes, similar characters, and frequently even the same outcomes.

Things may have changed from the way they were for our parents and grandparents, but many of the economic and financial factors that influence our lives have followed the same path — as will be detailed in this report.

By the same token, for many people retirement marks a tremendous change in their own lives, whether transforming from work to leisure or from work to another type of work — or from being a stay at home mom to a stay-home caregiver for an old soul mate.

Whatever your future, planning is the key. Understanding the factors involved in your decision-making process, working with financial professionals, communicating with family and being flexible both before and during retirement are all important components of planning for retirement. They are the plot devices that help your retirement story have a happy ending.

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Information contained in this brochure is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to provide any tax or legal advice or provide the basis for any financial decisions. Be sure to speak to qualified tax, legal and financial professionals before making any decisions about your personal situation.

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