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Retirement by Design

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Retirement by Design


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No one makes mistakes on purpose! It is no secret that those who educate themselves will be best prepared for a comfortable retirement and even grow their portfolios in spite of the ups and downs of the marketplace. If you have saved $250,000 or more for retirement – don’t miss this opportunity to learn about powerful investment, tax, and estate planning strategies.


Are you asking yourself these questions?

  1. How will the political environment and legislation changes affect my retirement?
  2. Taxes and the IRS – How much of my money is really mine to keep?
  3. How do I find growth AND security in today’s volatile market?
  4. Can I prevent outliving my money and create a predictable income stream for life?
  5. Can capital gains taxes be voluntary?
  6. How can I mitigate my tax liability from a Roth IRA conversion?
  7. What do I need to do to protect myself from lawsuits, liens, and judgments?
  8. Why could getting a second opinion be the most important financial decision of my life?

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Seating is limited at this event and registrations will be taken on a first-call basis. This event is designed to provide financial education for individuals ages 50 through 75 with retirement savings of more than $250,000, who are currently retired or nearing retirement. Reservations limited to first-time attendees.


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